Dallas Student Driver Crashes Semi Truck on I-45

Earlier last month, a semi-truck driver in training was involved in a serious truck accident on Interstate 45 when he lost control of the giant vehicle in the Wilmer-Hutchins area.

According to a report by CBS DFW, the driver was operating an 18-wheeler on the north service road of I-45 when he suddenly and for an unknown reason lost control of the vehicle.

Evidently, the truck crossed all three lanes of traffic before it crashed into the center median, where it came to a stop. The truck then burst into flames.

Luckily, everyone involved in the accident was able to get out of the truck before they were seriously burned.

No other vehicles were involved in the accident. However, several drivers on I-45 southbound did get into accidents due to “rubbernecking” that was occurring as a result of the accident on I-45 northbound.

Truck Drivers Should Be Experienced Drivers
It should go without saying that the drivers who operate these huge trucks should have plenty of experience before they are allowed to operate one of the truck on their own. However, that is not always the case. And even when a driver does have an instructor with him, as was the case in the accident described above, it doesn’t mean that the driver of the truck, or the company he works for, cannot be held liable.

In many cases we see, the cause of the accident can be chalked up to driver inexperience. It is the trucking company’s duty to ensure that they are only employing safe and well-trained drivers. If they fail to take adequate precautions in hiring, or fail to properly train their drivers, they may be held liable for an accident caused by a driver.

Vicarious Liability
Vicarious liability is a legal concept that allows an accident victim to hold one person or entity responsible for another’s negligent actions. Commonly, the doctrine is used in parent-child relationships or employer-employee relationships. Essentially, the doctrine relies on the theory that one person is legally responsible for another’s actions.

In the case of an employer-employee relationship, the employer may be potentially held liable because the employee was merely doing what the employer was asking of him. This law may not apply if an employee is not acting within the basic function of his job at the time of the accident, however.

Have You Been Injured in a Texas Truck Accident?

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