Study Finds Elderly Drivers Safer

Most people assume that the worst drivers are either the youngest or the oldest.

But a new study released this week shows that while older people are driving more, they are causing fewer collisions.. Overall, the fatal accident rate for drivers over 55 has dropped by 37% in recent years. And drivers over 80 had an even sharper decline, with fatal accident rates dropping 47%.

Overall, the results of this study confirm what I’ve seen in my collision only practice. The vast majority of the people who have injured my clients have been young or middle aged. For example, I am currently representing a woman and her daughter who were T-boned by a 15-year-old driver who didn’t even have a license. I filed suit against a 21 year old woman who cut across several lanes of traffic in Burleson and caused serious injury to my client. I just settled a case for a newly married man and woman for a good amount of money who were side swiped on I35 by a 19 year female.


I’m currently representing several clients who have been the victims of careless teenage drivers. Just the other day I was hired by a charming mother and her young daughter who were hit by a 15-year-old unlicensed driver. My clients were driving east on Rosedale in Fort Worth when the teenage girl ran a stop sign and slammed into their truck. The girl only had her learners permit and was illegally driving by herself. My clients car is totaled and both the mother and daughter were injured in the accident. Even though it’s clearly the teenagers fault, the girls insurance company didn’t want to pay my clients medical bills. I fight hard for my clients and will make sure the insurance company pays them every dime they deserve.

I’m also representing an elderly man who was side-swiped by a 19-year-old on Interstate 30. The unexperienced teenager tried to frantically switch lanes so he wouldn’t miss his exist and crashed into my clients car. The teenager didn’t use his turn signals and swerved into my client at over 60 miles per hour!

I have another client who suffered severe injuries when she was rear ended by a 17-year-old kid on his cell phone! The teenager was driving a huge truck and was looking down at his phone when he hit my client.

I could go on for several pages listing the clients I’ve had who have been hit by teenage drivers! Teenagers are inexperienced drivers that are often distracted by their stereos and cell phones. It’s no surprise that teens are involved in more accidents than any other age group.

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