Suit against trucking company recovers $225,250

Kathy was sideswiped in her mini van on December 11, 2007 by a Mack truck which skidded into her on a rainy and dark morning. There was no damage to the truck and little to the van.

Kathy said that she was okay at the scene and declined an ambulance. A few hours later, she went to the ER complaining of chest pain. A CT showed that she might have damaged her right breast implant. Kathy had unfortunately had breast cancer and needed a double mastectomy and implants 20 years ago.

Kathy’s PCP referred her to a plastic surgeon, who decided to replace both her right and left implants. Although the right implant procedure was a success, the left one developed problems, and three more surgeries became necessary. Her PCP wrote that she had previous problems with the implant. She was salaried, and lost no wages. Kathy recovered from the surgeries.

The trucking company denied that it was liable, and I filed suit and forced the company to pay Kathy a total of $222,250.00 just before trial.

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