Summer Olympics Are Starting Tonight!

OK, I admit it, I love the Olympics. I love that virtually every country in the world competes peacefully to see whose athletes are the fastest, the strongest, and the most talented. OK, like you, I enjoy watching sports any way but I get inspired by the incredible talent and diversity of the runners, swimmers, gymnasts, and the other competitors.

For example, who can forget the heart pounding race in Beijing when the amazing Michael Phelps won his record

setting medal in the butterfly by .01 second, the length of a fingernail? I’m really hoping Michael breaks the record for the most Olympic medals an athlete has ever received.

I especially hope at least one of the American marathoners pictured above can medal, since running them has become my #1 hobby in my “old” age. I get inspired by following the races of Meb, Ryan, Kara, Shalane, and the other top runners like Usain Bolt.

I can’t wait to see the dazzling opening ceremony London comes up with tonight. Paul McCartney? James Bond? Talley ho!

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