Super Bowl: DWIs and Botched Call Lawsuit

Safety tips to prevent a car crash

Super Bowl Sunday is one of the biggest drinking days — and drunk driving nights — of the year.  Statistics show that crashes can double.

DWIs are rampant. For many people, watching the game is more about guzzling beer than watching the game.

So what’s the only way your night could be ruined? No, not the Patriots winning. Being in a car accident going to or from where you are planning to watch it. Of course, you’ll  be drinking and driving responsibly but a lot of people weaving in and out on the road won’t be.

As a Fort Worth personal injury lawyer who handles many DWI collision injury cases, I know this will be a very dangerous time to be out driving. Almost one-half of the fatal crashes on any Super Bowl Sunday are due to driving while intoxicated according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

Here are some tips to safe safe on Sunday.

If you host a party in your house:

  • Confirm that your guests have come with a designated driver or have reserved an Uber ride to get home;
  • Serve plenty of non-alcoholic beverages and have lots of food available;
  • Don’t serve alcohol in the fourth quarter – try dessert and coffee instead; and
  • Be ready to take the keys away and call and Uber if someone is impaired

If you are at a public venue:

  • Have an Uber or Lyft reserved or come with a designated driver;
  • Pace yourself and don’t drink too much alcohol too fast and eat foods and non-alcoholic drinks;
  • Don’t leave immediately when the game ends; and
  • Stay off the interstates and major roads

Federal judge denies bid to get New Orleans Saints into game

Yesterday a U.S. District Judge in New Orleans ruled that Saint fans cannot compel the NFL to immediately investigate the controversial missed call that could have put their team in the Super Bowl. Talk about a Hail Mary Pass. Here’s the writ of mandamus petition for you legal/football junkies.

Speaking of which, we checked with a constitutional law scholar and no, it’s not in the Bill of Rights that just because they are in New England, the Patriots have to be in the Super Bowl every year.

Oh, and the winner, picked by Gus the Gorilla at the Fort Worth Zoo

OK, so the animals haven’t been right four out of the last five years, but down the street at the Zoo, Gus picked the Rams.

Contact us if you have been injured in a Fort Worth accident on Sunday night or at any other time. We have been representing people injured in car and truck wrecks for almost 40 years and will fight to get you the compensation you deserve.


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