Tarrant County Judges Are The Best!

I was in court yesterday and thanks to County Court at Law #1 Judge Don Pierson, it was such a wonderful experience for my clients that I wanted to thank him. And while I was at it, I wanted to thank all of the other great jurists we are so lucky to have in Tarrant County.

Judge Pierson is a native of Fort Worth and graduated from Paschal and TCU, then obtained his first law degree from the University of Houston and then a second one from SMU. And he is also a CPA and is board certified in tax law. Wow! He was in private practice for over 20 years before he was elected in 2010.

Judge Pearson has quickly learned to be like our other fine judges by making wise
decisions, treating all parties with the utmost of respect, and using humor and informality to take the edge off of the stress of being in a courtroom.

For personal injury cases, we have ten civil district courts with unlimited jurisdiction and three county courts at law which can hear cases involving damages up to $200,000.00 (recently increased from $100,000.00).

I was representing the parents of Courtney, a 16 year old who was injured when her 16 year old driver crashed into a pole. She was wearing her seat belt (which bruised her internally) and sustained other injuries and had to be rushed to the emergency room and be treated by several physicians since the wreck in 2011. Now Courtney has a fund for her college education.

Thank you Judge Pearson, thank you to Mr. and Ms. M___ for allowing me to represent your fine family, and good luck Courtney!

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