Cyclist Struck By Drunk Driver in Euless

A Dallas man was critically injured Sunday night when he was struck on his bicycle while riding on West Euless Boulevard by a drunken driving suspect.

Anthony Jamal Miles, 24, remains in very critical condition at John Peter Smith Hospital in Fort Worth, the Fort Worth Star-Telegram reports.

Anthony, my prayers are with you.

Earlier this week, Euless police released a photo of Anthony in his hospital bed in hopes that someone would recognize him, as he was carrying no identification.

The driver was identified as Bryany Ruth Hildreth, 30. She was arrested on a charge of intoxication assault and was released on $10,000 bail.

This absolutely sickens me.

As you know, I hate drunk drivers and go after them with a passion. I am proud to be one of the few approved attorneys on MADD’s list in Tarrant County.

I have successfully prosecuted many cycling cases, including finalizing a case a few months ago where a wonderful Fort Worth woman, Donna, was hit while she was riding on the shoulder near Boswelll High School and fractured her hip.

I have ridden my road bicycle to stay in shape and have completed some 100 milers, including the notorious Hotter ‘N Hell a few years ago. I have owned a motorcyle. I know how dangerous it is for cyclists out there.

Note to cyclists: Please ride VERY carefully. Please do not ride at night. Please stay off of busy roads. Please do not ride by yourselves. Please wear bright clothing and reflective gear. Please carry ID and notify your family where you are riding.

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