TCU To Join The Big 12!

As an adopted TCU fan who loves to go to games, work out in its Recreation Center, run on its track and who has lived in the area since I moved to Fort Worth back in 1979, I wanted to congratulate the Frogs.

Back when I went to the University of Texas (I graduated in 1976), Earl Campbell played for the Horns. When I was at SMU Law School, Eric Dickerson and Craig James led SMU to the #2 ranking. Both teams played TCU each year.

I attended the BIG game here in 1984 when Kenneth Davis was the top running back in the U.S. — that is, before illegal pay offs were revealed and TCU was sanctioned. Its program, along with SMU’s, went into decline, and it was not invited to join the Big 12 in 1996 when the Southwest Conference dissolved. TCU has wandered through three conferences since then.TCU finished as the #2 team in the U.S. last year and played in a BCS game in 2009.

TCU will be able to play UT, OU and many of its former Southwest Conference opponents. And just in time for the beautiful $160 million renovated stadium to open next fall.

Stay tuned for more musical chairs, as conference realignments aren’t over.

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