Why Do I Sponsor North Side School And C.A.L.F. Program?

I am involved in various community projects, because helping those in need is an important part of my law practice.

No community service is more important than mentoring our children, inspiring them, and showing them how they can lead productive lives. I’ve enjoyed teaching Sunday School and being the youth committee chairman where I worship, the Presenting Sponsor of the Cowtown Marathon’s CALF run, and the head of the Boy Scout’s Explorers program and other youth organizations over the years. The lessons I’ve learned from my religion and becoming an Eagle Scout have been integral and I try to live by those values.

When I heard about the Fort Worth Adopt A School’s program ten years ago, I decided that I wanted to help out on Fort Worth’s economically distressed North Side. I chose to adopt the Rufino Mendoza Sr. Elementary School. The experience has been mutually rewarding.

Rufino Mendoza, Sr. Elementary School

I take pride in supporting such a fine school and its hard working teachers and students. I pitch in wherever I can. I especially enjoy working with its after-school fitness club, since readers of this blog know that I am something of a fitness junkie.

I run and walk with the children, encourage their efforts and give fitness tips. I talk about the value of education, hard work, fitness, and diet. I walk around eating an apple, mention my healthy vegetarian diet, and discourage them from consuming sodas and junk food.

I have sponsored children so they could enter 5K races, attended the races to cheer them on, bought clothes, spoken at Career Day, purchased books for the school library, and supplied food and beverages.

My law firm has been awarded multiple Golden Achievement Awards by the Fort Worth Independent School District. I am proud to be one of three law firms in the city, and the only solo practitioner, involved in the Adopt-A-School program.

The C.A.L.F. Program

I am again sponsoring the Cowtown Marathon’s C.A.L.F. (Childrens Activities For Life And Fitness) 5K run. I support the program and have served on its Council since its start six years ago because it helps children develop healthy lifestyles. I love the looks on their faces when they try on their brand new running shoes and cross the finish lines at races that we pay for.

Helping our children be active, healthy, and successful is one of the best causes I’ve found. Everybody knows that the obesity epidemic is a problem in America. Studies have shown that an active lifestyle started during childhood usually leads to a healthy and active lifestyle for the rest of a person’s life.

Please join us on October 4th for the C.A.L.F. Run on October 4th. More info is here.

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