Lousy Loya Finally Fined

Fred Loya just agreed to be fined $300,000 by the Texas Department of Insurance for its deceptive business and claims practices. This fine is way too low.

And I don’t see how our state allows a lot of these companies to sell insurance. I am sick and tired of hearing these bogus companies try to get out of paying claims by saying that their drivers were excluded or not at fault, or that my clients were not injured or that they were already injured, or other garbage. What do I do? File suit. I just took one of them to court and made it pay the full

injury limits. The company’s first offer? Zero. What a complete waste of money, judicial resources, and time.

Fred Loya has received more consumer complaints than almost any other Texas company for years. But there are plenty of others that refuse injured people the damages that their bad drivers cause without being taken to court. So hey, Department of Insurance, go after these other companies. Now.

“>I have written about these crappy companies before.If you are being jerked around, you can file a complaint with the State’s Department of Insurance. Nothing will happen though.

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