Texas DWI Laws Lead to More Blood Tests and Convictions

Today I received a large recovery of money for another wonderful client who was unfortunately injured by a drunk driver This is what she had to say about my services

and was delighted to read the article in the today’s Dallas Morning News about how Dallas police may start requiring blood tests from DWI suspects. That is, if the city can come up with $360,000.00.

How can Dallas not find this money? Think about its extra police, fire department, Parkland Hospital ER, medical expenses, criminal courts, and other costs that will be avoided — not to mention the carnage to innocent people like you and me.

Just last year, 38 people were killed in Dallas due to drunk/stoned drivers and a startling 3,600 people were arrested on these charges.

Many cities already require these more reliable blood tests, with tiny Dalworthington Gardens near Arlington being the first city in Texas to require them. (However, a Bedford woman had her conviction thrown out because those police officers were not properly qualified to draw blood; the case is on appeal.)

New laws have made it harder for drivers pulled over for drunken driving to refuse blood tests. Police no longer have to obtain time consuming search warrants for felony DWIs, where a person is hospitalized, a child is in the vehicle, or the suspect has a prior related conviction. And if the suspects refuse, their licenses are suspended for six months.

A whopping 11,773 people died in collisions caused by drunk drivers in 2008 — a shocking one-third of the 37,261 of Americans killed in all crashes.

In Fort Worth, police mounted two recent crackdowns that resulted in 125 arrests — 163% more than last year’s.

The woman who crashed into Bertha is still awaiting trial.

I will donate a portion of my attorney’s fee from every case where I represent a victim of drunk driving to Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD), a wonderful organization. I also will volunteer at their walk in Fort Worth on March 27th in Trinity Park.

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