Texas Supreme Court Is Anti-Plaintiff: GOP Candidates

Even Republicans believe that the Supreme Court is too friendly to businesses and defendants, according to an article in today’s Dallas Morning News.

Republican Austin lawyer Steve Smith, who is running to reclaim his seat against Justice Don WIllett, noted that “the Supreme Court in general and Willett specifically favor big business.”

And Joe Pool, Jr., campaigning against Justice David Medina, dryly noted that “it’s become a bit of a stigma to come into the court as a plaintiff.”

The nine-member, all-Republican court has been accused for years of making it nearly impossible for citizens to win against big business in court.

The candidates cite a study by the consumer advocacy group Texas Watch that found that the court overturned jury verdicts in favor of plaintiffs in a whopping 74 percent of cases over the past decade.

I have mentioned the Supreme Court’s anti-plaintiff bias for years.Specifically the court’s critics say it has taken measures enacted by the Legislature in 2003 to minimize lawsuits against doctors and made it virtually impossible for patients to win a case at the Texas Supreme Court.

John Devine, a former state court judge, said he would bring balance to the court. He also criticized Medina for being rebuked by the state on a campaign spending lapse and alluded to the accusation that Medina and his wife burned down their house to make money on an insurance claim.

I call on our Supreme Court to level the playing field, end its bias against injured victims, and strictly construe our state statutes.

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