Texas Truck Driver Drunk, High, and Unlicensed Flips Rig on I-35

A tractor-trailer hauling about 100 young cows jack knifed and flipped over on the Trinity River bridge last night, shutting down I-35 and the canyon in downtown Dallas for nine hours.

The driver, only 20, has been charged with DWI.

And he was high on methamphetamines.

And he didn’t have a commercial drivers license.

And the truck was unsafe.

Only 70 of the cows could be saved and there were carcasses everywhere.

This happened before. 110 steers were hurled onto I- 30 nearby when the truck hauling them overturned, killing 20 and causing the others to wander miles into East Dallas and Oak Cliff.

As I often have to wonder, what is going on out there?

How many other truckers are out there drunk and/or stoned and unlicensed and incompetent while driving unsafe tractor trailers?

I go after these illegal big rig drivers with a vengeance and nail their companies if they have also broken our safety laws.

If you have been injured in a crash with an 18 wheeler, please contact my office and I’ll make sure you receive the recovery you deserve.

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