Texting While Driving Takes Life Of Five Year-Old Girl in Denton

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Driver Was Texting When He Ran Into Family of Four With His SUV

As thousands of families across North Texas gathered to celebrate, open presents and enjoy their Christmas Eve dinner, the family of Moriah Modisette was facing an unspeakable loss. Moriah was killed by a distracted driver in a tragic Christmas Eve crash in Denton. Her parents and eight year-old sister Isabella suffered severe injuries for which they are receiving treatment at Denton Regional Medical Center. Law enforcement is still investigating whether to file charges against the driver who ran into the family of four while on his cell phone.

The accident occurred just after 3pm on Interstate 35W just south of the exit to Vintage Boulevard. Traffic suddenly slowed at this location due to a traffic stop being conducted by Department of Public Safety troopers on the highway shoulder. The Modisette family, driving in a 1998 Toyota Camry, was stopped in the left lane in the touch-and-go traffic.

Garrett Wilhelem of Gainesville was on his cell phone and apparently could not react in time to the slowed traffic. He rammed into the family’s vehicle from behind in his Toyota 4Runner.

In a statement to CBS DFW, Denton police officer Orlando Hinojosa said, “She hadn’t even started her life. You know that’s the time to be happy, to enjoy opening gifts.” He said that when he received the call about a fatal car crash, he thought about his own son and daughter — I think as we all do when we hear about the untimely death of a young child.

Officer Hinojoso is asking all drivers to put down their phones to avoid another holiday tragedy.

Put Down Your Phone for Your New Year’s Resolution

Some people may feel safe talking on the phone or texting while
driving on a highway. After all, they reason, traffic flows at a steady
pace and does not generally hit traffic lights or other interruptions
that require braking. In fact, while operating a motor vehicle, you can
never let your guard down. You have a responsibility to be prepared to
respond to unexpected traffic interruptions at all times.

explains that you take your eyes off the road for an average of five seconds when you text. At 55 mph, your vehicle travels
the length of a football field in that time, with your eyes glued to
your phone instead of on the road. Those five seconds are enough to
cause a serious accident.

Berenson Law Firm urges all drivers to make your New Year’s
resolution to put down your phones while driving. This is probably the
easiest resolution to keep and it could have a life-or-death impact.

If you are injured by a distracted driver, we are here to help. Call Bill Berenson at 817-885-8000 or toll free at 888-801-8585 to schedule your free consultation in our Dallas-Fort Worth law office.

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