Texting While Driving News From Texas Golf Phenom & Politicians


The Bryan Nelson Championship starts today at the TPC Four Seasons Resort in Irving. Among the big names playing in the tournament is DFW’s very own Jordan Spieth, who was born and raised in Dallas and graduated from Jesuit College Preparatory School in 2011. He first appeared at the Bryan Nelson Championship at the age of 16, won the University of Texas (my alma mater) the national championship, and has torn up the pro circuit ever since, Jordan almost became the youngest person in history to win the Masters at only 21, with some guy named Tiger being a few months younger. I had the opportunity last week to watch Jordan win second place at the Crowne Plaza Invitational in Colonial, which was played down the street from my office.

Jordan’s work with kids is also inspirational. He has helped countless youths through The Jordan Spieth Family Foundation which he founded in 2014. The charity supports programs for special needs kids and military families and spearheads a junior golf program in North Texas.

It Can Wait PSA

As readers of my blog know, I am passionate about the issue of texting while driving. I have witnessed too often the heartbreak that that one message can cause when a driver’s eyes leave the road to read or send a “quick” note. In that one instance, a distracted driver can hit a pedestrian, a bicyclist or another motorists, forever changing their lives. Texting while driving causes at least 20% of the fatalities on our roads and is responsible for injuring hundreds of thousands of drivers each year in the U.S.

Jordan’s PSA delivers a powerful message. Staying connected to family and friends is important, but putting the phone away while driving is truly the right thing to do for our loved ones. The words that appear at the end of the short video sum it up — “No text is worth a life.”

Anti-Texting Bill on Texas Senate calendar

Texas House Bill 80 was approved in the House in March and has been placed on the Senate intent calendar. TX HB80 would ban use of electronic devices to text or use a phone while driving. Representatives voted 102-40 in the laws favor after extensive debate. Many local ordinances prohibiting texting already exist, but the law would create a state-wide prohibition. We’ll keep you updated once the bill is put up for a vote in the Senate.

Berenson Law Firm Advocates Against Texting and Driving

Berenson Law Firm supports anti-texting legislation. As Jordan Spieth’s PSA proclaims, no text is worth a life. If you have been injured by a distracted driver, call our Dallas-Fort Worth firm to schedule a free case evaluation. We are here to help you recover.

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