Texting While Driving Banned By Denton

Congratulations to the Denton City Council for just voting unanimously to prohibit TWD — texting while driving. The new law starts on May 20th. If caught, motorists face a fine of $200.00. The council also approved a plan to educate its citizen on the dangers of TWD.

Many citizens spoke in favor of the ban. John Butler had council members crying as he told them how his mother was killed as she was innocently walking across a street next to the town square by a driver looking down at his cell phone. Paul Silvermale, a delivery driver, said that “all day I see people with their heads in their laps.” Others argued that all cell phone use should be banned.

Just last week, it was reported that a young woman in North Carolina died after texting on her Facebook account how happy the Pharell Williams “Happy” song had made her, then hit an oncoming truck.

Arlington prohibited texting while driving in 2011. Fort Worth and Dallas clearly need to follow suit. Texas is one of just seven states that allow texting and driving outside of school zones.

In 2011, the state legislature outlawed TWD but the governor vetoed the ban and threatened to do so again in 2013. This was in a year when 459 Texans were killed in collisions caused by a distracted driver.

A study just released shows that 60% of Texas drivers support a ban on TWD, and 52% would vote for a law prohibiting phone calls without a hands-free device. Almost all surveyed agree that distracted driving is a serious problem that needs to be stopped.

I call on our state representatives to pass a law that prohibits all cell phone use while driving and for our legislators to overrule the governor if he vetoes their vote.

Until that happens, every city in Texas should join Denton, Arlington, and 27 cities which have already banned this dangerous — sometimes deadly — practice. Those cities include Austin (the first to do so), Alamo, Bellaire, Brownsville, Conroe, El Paso (which bans motorists from using any hand-held devices), Galveston, Harlingen, Magnolia, McAllen, Mission, Missouri City, Mount Vernon, Nacogdoches, Palmview, Penitas, San Antonio, Shoreacres, Stephenville, Tomball, Universal City and West University Place.

Your Legal Options If You Were Injured Due To A Texting Or Distracted Driver

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