Thank You Teachers and Staffs

Berenson Injury Law sponsored a lunch catered by Central Market on Friday to thank the hard-working teachers and staff at the Rufino Mendoza Elementary School that Mr. Berenson adopted 16 years ago.

Our firm wanted to get their school year off to a good start on the first day in September by giving the staff and faculty lunch, so Friday was the bookend to an extraordinarily challenging semester. We also bought disinfectant and cleaning supplies and provided other support.

Over the years, Mr. Berenson has tried to help the school out by

  • speaking at Career Days, graduations, and to different groups;
  • donating over $10,000.00 to the college scholarship program;
  • paying for registration fees for some children to participate in the Cowtown Marathon’s Children’s 5K race and others;
  • purchasing running clothes, t-shirts, socks, and pedometers;
  • running, walking and playing games with the students after-school;
  • giving requested gifts to a family before Christmas as an “Angel Tree” project; and
  • motivating the children to study hard, plan for a career, and graduate from high school, college, and/or professional school.

Mr. Berenson misses getting to put on his annual party where he throws out footballs and soccer balls and encourages the children to stay active over the winter break.

He looks forward to doing this next year when things return to normal. Here is a photo from last year that seems like a lifetime ago.

The teachers and staff outdid themselves this year

This was an extremely challenging semester for all of our dedicated professionals in Fort Worth who work so hard to make sure our children are educated.

In a normal year, they shape these young minds and help build a brighter future for them and our world without any frightening health issues.

But with the hardships created by the coronavirus, what our educators have accomplished since March has been incredible. Having to teach children in person and others at home must have been twice as hard.

Fort Worth has many good schools. Rufino Mendoza Elementary is a special one. It was built in 1910 as one of the first in Fort Worth and has long served the North Side.

Berenson Injury Law hopes that all Fort Worth students have a fun and safe holiday break after the hardships they have endured this year and that more normal schooling can begin soon.

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