Thanks to My Wonderful Clients For These Reviews

I have received so many nice comments from clients recently. I wanted to say thank you to my wonderful clients for the privilege or representing you and for writing such generous online reviews.I think that Mr. Berenson is a very good lawyer. I would recommend him to my family and friends. Mr. Berenson and his crew was very professional and nice to me. When I called they answer every question I needed answer. Keep up the good work Mr. Berenson and crew. Your are great people! Thanks -Danielle RouegeI would like to give a special thanks to Attorney Berenson and staff for handling my case! I was very pleased to have received such amazing customer service and dedication during the process of my case! I appreciate that they kept in contact with me and always answered my questions in a timely manner. Once again, thank you so much for your time and everything Mr. Berenson and Staff. You guys are awesome!
-Angie MejiaI am so pleased with the service and dedication I received from Mr. Berenson. I found his office, after calling two other firms out of the yellow pages. Mr. Berenson called me back, almost immediately, after leaving him only one message. Mr. Berenson came to my place of work the very next day to meet me and go over my options. He is very personable and knowledgeable. He made me feel absolutely confident about my situation, and very helpful to me, and my children that were involved. If ever I am in need of an attorney in the future, I most definitely will call Mr. Berenson, and won’t hesitate to refer him to anyone I know. Thank you so much for your quick, efficient, and much needed help. –Tammie D. LainI was in a severe car accident at the end of August 2013. I had just moved to the DFW area from California a few months prior. My car was T-boned on the drivers side and I sustained significant back injuries that required several procedures and many doctors visits, MRI’s, etc. Many of the medical facilities required prepayment which soon became too much to handle. Mr. Berenson found facilities that helped me along the way so I didn’t have to exhaust what savings I had left. Mr. Berenson and his assistants kept me abreast of the situation along the way. Finally, there was a settlement and all my medical bills were paid as well as a nice piece for myself. I would highly recommend Mr. Berenson for any situation that I went through. He was caring, business like, and humorous which made things so much easier along the way. Thanks Bill, Loran and Andrew….you guys were great!
-Chris PanekI think that Berenson Law Firm is the best of the best! I was referred to them by someone who spoke very highly of them. After speaking with one of their attorneys I knew that I had made the right decision. All the employees were very helpful and accommodating! I love how they kept in contact with me on every stage of my case and they never left me out the loop. I was so worried and stressed after my accident, but Berenson Law Firm made all that go away. I never imagined I would get the results that they got for me. I was paid good for my vehicle, and I was paid great for my injuries. Thanks William Berenson for taking great care of my family.
-Krystal ShepherdThis is my second time using Mr. William Berenson in the past 4 years and I have had great results from both the first and second time using them. Him and his team kept me in the loop through the whole process and ended up getting more than what either of us thought. Great working with him and his team.
-Brittany NewtonI need more than just 5 stars to accurately rate my experience. Mr. Berenson and his team kept me from owing tens of thousands of dollars. Here is how it went down. I bought a motorcycle on a Friday in April, where the insurance company let me leave the dealership without signing any documents. I was happy to get my hands on my bike so I thought nothing of it. The following Monday, I was rear ended and thrown from my bike at red light. Motorcycle – totaled. So I called my insurance company and it turns out they hadn’t even begun to send out my paperwork. They quickly through together the worst policy they could and emailed it to me demanding that I sign it immediately and fax it back. After reading the next-to-no-coverage policy I refused to sign the insurance paperwork, so what I did next saved me tens of thousands of dollars. I went and talked to Bill Berenson. It quickly became clear that the individual that hit me had no insurance! Bill and his team took it from there and demanded, literally, the most money my insurance was required to compensate for my losses. Four months later I had a new bike retrofitted with safety features such as flashing tail lights and Vance and Hines Short Shots, my medical bills were paid off, and I was handsomely compensated for my pain and suffering. Had I not gone and seen Bill and instead signed the documents that my insurance was demanding I sign, I would have been responsible for approximately 57,000 dollars for an accident that was caused to me! Mr. Berenson and his staff are experts at watching your back, I can guarantee you that. Thank you Bill.
-Jesse Rivera

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