Two Drunk Drivers Cause Deadly Dallas Crash

DWI collisions in North Texas have skyrocketed.

A two vehicle collision in south Dallas the other night resulted in one death and two DWI arrests. That’s right, not one but both drivers were drunk. My first reaction was are you kidding me?

But considering the out-of-control drunk driving statistics, it is not hard to believe that two intoxicated drivers would crash into each other.

The first drunk driver was speeding through an intersection in the Red Bird area when he slammed into a Buick making a left turn. The other intoxicated driver suffered minor injuries — of course — but his passenger tragically died. The speeding driver was charged with intoxicated manslaughter and three counts of intoxication assault, while the driver making the turn was charged with a simple DWI.

This sad story highlights how alcohol impairs judgment, reaction time and vision that affect the driver’s ability to effectively respond to a sudden situation, especially at night.

Too many families have experienced too high medical bills, painful injuries, lost wages, totalled vehicles and other damages because too many people drink too much and drive.

It’s drunk driving season

Football season is always exciting here in Dallas-Fort Worth. The weekend starts with TCU, SMU, and many other college games on Saturdays, then wraps up with the Dallas Cowboys and a slew of other pro games. And the Rangers are still playing and the Mavericks, Stars, and State Fair start soon. And the super deadly Thanksgiving and Christmas seasons will be here before you know it.

Unfortunately, over-indulgers can quickly spoil the fun, turning this time of year into drunk driving season. As an auto accident attorney, the peak in drunk driving crashes casts a negative shadow over the games, great weather, and holiday cheer.

Inevitably, hundreds of drunk drivers leave the stadiums, bars and game-watch parties without having secured a sober ride. Police will arrest some of these drunk drivers, many of whom are young people who now have a DWI on their record, but at least they were stopped before they hurt somebody. Others will add another notch to the dismal drunk driving accident statistics.

Drunk driving was a factor in over 10,000 traffic deaths

10,265 people were killed in alcohol-related accidents in 2015.

To give you an idea at how enormous this number is, imagine a quarter of the Amon G. Carter Stadium filled with fans or the entire TCU student body. And those are just the ones who don’t survive. Tens of thousands more are left with permanent injuries. The individuals and their families have experienced heartbreaking devastation because intoxicated drivers chose to drive.

Drunk driving accidents result in devastating consequences

Any personal injury lawyer unfortunately handles a lot of these DWI crashes. I was just hired yesterday to represent a family of four women crashed into by two drunk drivers who had just left a bar at 6:00 p.m. I settled a DWI collision case last week and am about to file a lawsuit on another drunk driving case because the liability carrier just indicated that it was not going to pay the entire insurance limits to one of my clients (they are paying the full amount to his passenger).

I am working to get these drivers paid back for their losses. But no amount of money can fully return their health and peace of mind that drunk drivers took away.

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