Road Rage Is A Serious Problem Here in Dallas Fort Worth Too

The horrifying Tony Stewart crash I’ve blogged about here reminded me of the many cases I’ve handled here over the past 34 years where angry drivers intentionally crash into other cars.

I just finalized one of these road rage cases two weeks ago where a woman started tailgating my client’s SUV on Interstate 20 in Fort Worth late at night. He wisely exited at his first chance and when he reached the traffic light at the next intersection, the woman had followed him and crashed into the rear of his vehicle. This pushed him, his girlfriend, and her daughter at least 20 feet forward. The damage to the rear of my client’s SUV was not that visible and her (high risk, low assets) company denied that the woman was at fault and that my clients were hurt.

I filed suit and forced the woman’s insurance company pay her entire insurance policy limits to my clients, even though they had fortunately only sustained minor injuries.

My clients were very pleased with their results. The woman very nicely wrote this review on Yelp:

Mr Berenson was very helpful and guided us in the right direction through this whole process. This is the first time i had to hire a lawyer and i was a bit scared of it all but in the end i was very happy with everything. Mr Berenson took very good care of us and made sure we got what we deserverd. I would recommend Mr Berenson to anybody.

I am fortunate to have the best clients in the world! More of their kind testimonials can be found here, in the event that you are shopping around for a good personal injury lawyer in Dallas Fort Worth and want to read a few reviews.

We Must Crack Down On These Road Rage Incidents

As a Fort Worth personal injury lawyer, I see that many of our car wrecks are not merely accidents caused by improper lookout or careless driving. Instead, immature road rage is the culprit.

The aggressive driver may be angry at the victim for some perceived slight, usually his belief that he has been cut off or the victim is going too slow. To get back, the enraged driver threatens the safety of every one else on the road — including himself — by using his car or truck as a potentially lethal object.

Dallas Leads Texas Cities In the Number of Road Rage Collisions

Between 2007 and 2011, statistics show that road rage caused over 4,500 crashes in Texas. And guess who lead all cities in the number causing deaths? Dallas, with five in the last five years.

I hate to think that civility is a lost virtue, but the problem of aggressive driving and road rage-related traffic collisions in Fort Worth, Dallas, and in North Texas increases with each passing year. Statistics compiled show that one-third of drivers reported that their personal safety had been compromised while driving in the last 30 days.

How To Avoid Road Rage

How do you recognize the signs of road rage? They include tailgating, sudden acceleration or deceleration, flashing headlights or keeping bright lights shining at night, making unsafe lane changes, honking, making rude hand gestures, and screaming.

If you see another motorist engaging in this dangerous behavior, do what my client did and get out of his or her way as quickly as possible. Pull over to the side of the road or exit the highway. If you can get the other driver’s license plate, report it to the police. In no case should you attempt to reciprocate, as I’ve seen far too many cases where the situation quickly spirals out of control. And these are not the kind of drivers to stick around after the crash. Oh, and they are often uninsured and judgment-proof.

We Can Help

As an automobile injury and trucking accident lawyer, I’ve built a law firm that is is ready to assist victims driving automobile, trucks, and motorcycles. Helping innocent parties recover the cost of their hospital and doctor treatment, lost wages, and other accident-related expenses is our primary job — and we’re good at it. And we prepare our clients’ cases knowing that we may have to go to trial to prove negligence on the part of the other driver and our clients’ damages so that they recover the money they deserve. This is a laborious — but advantageous — process that needs skilled professional help.

Berenson Injury Law understands that most car wrecks are usually are the fault of one motorist who is not paying attention or who tries to bend the rules by running a traffic light or stop sign or cut in front of an oncoming vehicle. We can advise you as to what your legal rights are, whether you should make a claim against the other driver’s liability insurance carrier, file a lawsuit against him, and/or file criminal charges for vehicular assault. The best course of action for any one injured in a motor vehicle collision is to contact a skilled personal injury lawyer. After all, the first meeting or phone call is free, so you’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain. You can contact us here.

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