Three Large Personal Injury Settlements This Week

I just settled a tragic motor vehicle accident that happened on I-35 north of Fort Worth last December when my client was injured and his driver was killed when he lost control of his vehicle on the icy highway.

This is our third good recovery this week.

My client hurt his lumbar spine and right leg but fortunately has almost recovered from his physical and emotional injuries.

I was able to max out the deceased driver’s liability policy ($50,000.00), not easy since only $7,200 was paid by health insurance and lost wages were relatively small. Personal Injury Protection benefits of $5,000.00 have been paid. I am now going to fight to get more money from my client’s Underinsured Motorists policy.

I have reduced the balances due to my client’s health insurance company and medical providers, cut my fee and expenses and waived interest on loans to help this fine recent college graduate out.

I am on my way to meet him to get his signature on some closing documents — and to celebrate over a beer.

Added the next day: It was wonderful to meet this outstanding young man yesterday. I was delighted when I asked him if he was satisfied with my legal service and he said: “You were amazing. I am so glad I hired you.” And later, my client told me “there is no way I would have survived without you.”

This is why I practice law: to fight to get the money my clients deserve and do the right thing. I guess it’s the Eagle Scout in me. Please call to see how I can help you recover from your motor vehicle accident.

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