Three People Killed Near Dallas When Their Car Crashes Into a Light Pole

A 66-year old Dallas woman, her son, and his girlfriend were killed recently in a car accident in Oak Cliff. The 25-year old girlfriend was driving the car when it struck a light pole in the central median. While she was driving above the speed limit, it is unclear whether that was the cause of the car veering out of control, as a second car was involved. While both people in the second car were injured in the accident, their injuries are not considered to be life threatening.

The accident was all the more tragic because the very next day would have been the woman’s birthday. Family members note that her son and his girlfriend had a special day planned for her, where they would pretend that they were going to church, only to take her to her favorite restaurant. It would have been a rare special occasion for a woman used to cooking at home. Family and relatives credited her with being a “mother” to the entire neighborhood and devoted to her coworkers at Parkland Memorial Hospital, where she worked as a housekeeper. Meanwhile, her son had worked as a medical assistant after graduating from PCI Health Training Center in 2012. He and his girlfriend, who graduated from the same program and also worked as a medical assistant, lived in West Dallas with their five-year-old son.

Investigators are still looking into the cause of the crash. Still to be determined is whether the other car could have possibly lost control and struck the family’s car, sending it into the light pole.

It is a sad situation involving three people who, by all accounts, were part of a very close family and made a difference in their community. It may turn out that the situation was a freak accident where no one is to blame. However, it is a reminder of what a great responsibility driving is, and how too easily a car can lose control and lives can be lost, or permanently changed by injury.

In cases where a person is injured in a car accident by another driver, he or she can file a lawsuit. The injured party might claim that the other driver had a duty to other drivers and passengers to drive reasonably according to the law; the other driver breached that duty by driving unreasonably, such as speeding or changing lanes recklessly; the breach caused the injury; and the result of the injury was physical, mental, and/or property damage. If you live in Dallas or Fort Worth and were involved in a car accident caused by another driver, contact a Fort Worth car accident attorney today.

Bill Berenson has been representing Texans injured in accidents for more than 33 years. Located in Fort Worth and with offices throughout the Metroplex and in Houston, he only represents clients injured by accidents involving cars, trucks, 18 wheelers, bicycles and motorcycles. If you want an experienced Board Certified personal injury specialist who will provide you with compassionate legal representation, contact him today to schedule a free initial consultation.

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