Dallas Hit-And-Run Accident Causes Three Deaths

Three women were tragically killed and a child was seriously injured in a hit-and-run car crash in Dallas. The women, ages 45, 26, and 28 — a mother and her two daughters — were returning from a shopping trip for a birthday party that was planned for the weekend. I shudder to read about stories like this, especially since my 23 year old daughter, an accountant, lives in Dallas — and it’s my birthday tomorrow and we were scheduled to go there to celebrate before this bad weather hit us.

The accident took place last week on North Prairie Creek Road and Dunlap Drive. As the car with the three women turned left onto Dunlap around 6:30, a southbound car struck them at full force, causing the women’s car to spin and then flip over. Three witnesses who came to the scene soon were able to rescue a two-year-old boy from the car wreck, who was rushed to Children’s Medical Center with critical injuries.

Another DWI — and more deaths and critical injuries.

Now family and friends are trying to make sense of the tragic state of events that would affect promising women who were involved in their community. One was a substitute teacher for a local school, while another was an accountant preparing to open her own business. The women originally came from the state of Morales in Mexico, which is where their funerals will be held. So far the other driver has not been found, but it is estimated that the other car was speeding at 80 miles per hour. There is word that the other driver might have helped pull the two-year-old boy from the crash and handed him to someone, and initially tried to help the driver of the other car. However, once he realized that she was dead and heard police sirens, he “just started panicking and crying” and fled the scene. One witness noted that his eyes were bloodshot and he smelled of alcohol. Local investigators are still trying to piece together clues about the driver’s identity.

Hit and run accidents fueled by alcohol are sadly much too common. Texas leads the nation in the number of drunk driving-related fatalities with more than 1,500 each year — representing 45% of the vehicle fatalities in this state. Since the legal limit in Texas is .08 blood alcohol concentration, someone can be legally intoxicated with as few as two or three alcoholic drinks. Unfortunately, two many people do not take the law seriously, and ignore their own physical and mental state when they get behind the wheel, with tragic consequences.

If you live near Fort Worth and had a loved one killed or injured in a drunk driving accident, contact a Fort Worth car accident attorney to discuss your options. You could likely file a lawsuit arguing that the drunk driver’s unreasonable behavior was the direct cause of the accident that injured or killed your loved one, and seek monetary damages from the driver at fault.

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