If Personal Injury Lawyer Shopping…

If you have unfortunately been crashed into in North Texas and are looking for an effective personal injury lawyer to help you, here are some things I did to help my clients today:

1. Met this very nice client and handed him a huge check after negotiating a heavily disputed intersection case (there was no stop sign out in Azle);

2. Had my claims manager deliver a large check ($50,000.00) and my sweet client’s sizeable share of the proceeds — the entire insurance policy limits of the af fault driver — to her house in Midlothian another bitterly disputed liability case when she was struck in a pedestrian crossing lane in a parking lot.

3. Had my investigator sign up two new clients in their homes, after which I called both people to discuss their cases at length (the second said that she was “very glad she hired me” after we spoke). I then called a taxi cab company and charged her transportation so she could get to her doctor tomorrow since her car is totalled and the police report has not been released yet;

5. Set a case for a hearing in Wise County so my 17 year old client can receive the substantial proceeds from her accident when her mother’s SUV flipped over and tumbled down an embankment near Decatur in another disputed liability case;

6. Settled two cases that I’ve been fighting an insurance company and the City of Fort Worth for weeks on. In the second case, my wonderful client started crying when I told her how much I had increased the City’s offer, and I jotted down a few of her comments:

“OMG. Are you kidding?!”

“I am so excited. I can’t believe this.”

“I am so glad I hired you. You’re the best. That’s amazing!”

7. Scheduled depositions in a case I’ve filed suit on involving an 18 wheeler; and
7. Reduced two doctor’s medical bills and one hospital lien so that my clients would receive more money.

I am not listing these things to brag — this is a typical day – but only to assist those of you who might be shopping around. If you need help with your automobile or truck collision case here in the Fort Worth and Dallas area, please contact me by phone or email. I will fight to get you the money you deserve. I promise it.

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