Tips for Freezing Temperatures

With Fort Worth and Dallas experiencing frigid temperatures, freezing rain, and in many areas, several inches of snow. follow the following precautions to help reduce the potential for damage to property as well as personal injury.

When driving, allow more distance when following, and be especially cautious on bridges.
Watch out for “black ice,” an area of pavement that only looks wet but actually has a fine layer of ice on it. Obviously drive slower, and be ready for all the yahoos who don’t.

Turn on the water faucets in your kitchens and baths so that water drips slowly. By doing this, the water in the line will not freeze, which will prevent any damage to your house and personal property. Before leaving water running, make sure that your drains are functioning properly and are not clogged.

Open the cabinet doors under your sinks to expose warm air to your pipes and supply lines.

Keep your thermostat set to at least 65 degrees at all times, including when you go out of town. The temperature inside the walls where the pipes are located is much colder than the walls themselves.

These are simple steps that can protect you and save you some money. Sometimes we forget the basic steps associated with cold weather,so hopefully this will help you keep from getting hurt or incurring damage.

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