How To Find The Best Liability Insurance Coverage in Texas

Choosing the right policy for you

Insurance is certainly not one-size-fits-all. While the cost is obviously important, different drivers have unique needs based upon many factors, inclulding driving records, other drivers (including ones under 25), miles driven, and whether the insured uses a vehicle for business. For this reason, policyholders should consider many factors including:

  • Deductibles and coverages should you be involved in an accident, including uninsured and underinsured motorist provisions
  • Terms of your policy that limit coverage
  • Financial security of the insurance carrier
  • Complaints that reflect poorly on the insurance company in case you have a claim

Resources for Texas Auto Insurance Information

A good place to start in exploring your insurance options is with your own insurance agent, who can advise you on policies available. Also check with an independent agent who can hop around to make sure you are getting the best insurance for the best rates.

I recommend using these resources:

  • Policy types and requirements: The Texas Department of Insurance gives you vital information about the types of policies available to you and the minimum legal requirements under Texas statutes.
  • Cost comparison: The HelpInsure auto insurance cost compare website application allows you to submit your driving profile to obtain sample rates.
  • General insurance information: HelpInsure provides a wealth of information that is useful when you are shopping for the right auto insurance policy.
  • Insurance company profile: The Texas Department of Insurance form gives you information about a particular auto insurance company’s licensure, history, finances and numbers of verified complaints.
  • Internet Complaints Information System: ICIS gives detailed information about the Texas Department of Insurance complaints process and reports.
  • Do you have a complaint about your auto insurance?: File a complaint using the TDI online complaint form.
  • Credit insurance policies: Attorney General of Texas Ken Paxton explains your rights to a refund of unearned premiums from this type of auto policy.
  • Financial information: Demotech, Inc. provides financial stability ratings so you can determine whether your insurance company is in good financial standing.


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