Too Many Teens Texting

I have represented far too many people who were injured by drivers talking on their cell phones or texting.

A new survey found that 48% of Texas teenagers drive while they are also dialing/talking on their phones, and 45% drive while sending/receiving text messages. Scary, isn’t it?

As of September 1st, it is now for the first time illegal for an under 18 year old driver to use a phone while they are driving.

On Sept. 30th the Department of Transportation is convening a group to study collisions caused by distracted drivers. Just to cite one tragic example, you may remember that 25 people were killed in a train collision in the Los Angeles area when the conductor was too busy texting to notice that the train in front had stopped.



There have to be ways to insure that we will not be killed or injured when a driver is using a phone.

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