Top 10 Ways To Get More Money For Your Auto Accident

In almost every personal injury claim, the person who has been injured will attempt to achieve an amicable out of court settlement with the person who was at fault. Usually people do not want to risk going to court, spend a lot of money, and wait for several years if a reasonable amount of money will settle their differences.

If you have been involved in a car wreck and are injured, here are some great tips to help you recover quicker and enhance the monetary value of your case:

1. Make sure the police are called to the scene and write a report. That apologetic at-fault driver might deny he is at fault later. So a crash report is vital. Just exchanging driver’s license information is not enough. The police officer can testify at trial from the details he documents.

2. Confirm liability facts. Get the names and contact information of all witnesses and take photos of the vehicles and scene if possible.

3. Seek medical treatment immediately. It is necessary so that you can start the healing process and know if you have fractured any bones. The hospital’s records document the injuries you sustained and the medical treatment provided.

4. Get a doctor’s note keeping you off work if you can’t perform your job duties. You will need the form for your company and we can submit it to get you reimbursed from both your Personal Injury Protection benefits and the at-fault driver’s liability policy.

5.  File all of your medical bills on any available health insurance policies. If your Aetna will pay bills, you will receive a larger amount of money in your pocket when the case settles out of court or goes to a trial.

6.  Suspect what the other driver’s adjuster is doing. He is not your friend. The adjuster is being paid to keep your claim as low as possible. Do not give him a statement or discuss your medical condition early on. Don’t ask him for advice.

7.  Make him pay for a rental car, towing and vehicle damage immediately. Research valuations for your car or truck on several websites and have your pay-off balances and other financial information available so you can make a good decision. Talk to the dealer where you purchased your vehicle about rolling in any deficiency that may arise into the end of your next car note or cut you a good deal as a repeat customer.

8.  Do not accept a low settlement offer. I see people accepting $500.00 or $1,000.00 and trying to get out of release agreements they signed later.

9.  Treat with your doctor on a regular basis. Tell him where you are hurting. Follow his advice. Get better.

10Hire the best attorney. We have many good injury lawyers in Fort Worth. He can build your case on liability so it cannot be questioned, make sure that all of your medical, legal, financial, and insurance details are handled, and answer all of your questions. When you have healed, he can attempt to settle your case or file a lawsuit if and when necessary. Your lawyer can get you the largest possible recovery of compensation. Usually his fee is built into the compensation offer by the other insurance company. These cases are usually too complicated to handle without professional assistance. We can help you.


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