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The acceleration and breaking defects on Toyota and Lexus vehicles have been blamed for numerous collisions resulting in injuries and deaths over the past 10 years in the U.S.

Drivers have filed thousands of complaints about 17 Toyota and Lexus models that suddenly accelerated like a rocket. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has received more complaints about these supposedly safe vehicles than from any other manufacturer in history.

My firm is investigating cases involving injuries or deaths resulting from the faulty accelerators and breaking systems. If you, a family member, or friend has been involved in a wreck while driving one of the vehicles listed below, you should call as soon as possible to discuss your case.


Which models are involved in the sticking accelerator pedal recall/stop sale?
Toyota’s accelerator pedal recall and suspension of sales is confined to the following Toyota Division vehicles:

• Certain 2009-2010 RAV4*,
• Certain 2009-2010 Corolla*,
• 2009-2010 Matrix,
• 2005-2010 Avalon,
• Certain 2007-2010 Camry*,
• Certain 2010 Highlander*,
• 2007-2010 Tundra,
• 2008-2010 Sequoia

*Highlander hybrids and Camry hybrids are not involved in this action and will remain for sale. Further, Camry, RAV 4, Corolla and Highlander vehicles with VINs that begin with “J” are not involved.

Which models are involved in faulty ABS breaking system?

This recall involves approximately 133,000 2010 model year Prius vehicles and 14,550 Lexus Division 2010 HS 250h vehicles.

If you have not been injured but drive one of the recalled vehicles, please immediately contact your local Toyota dealership to discuss repairs or replacement vehicles. However, if you have been injured, you want an attorney who is Board Certified in Personal Injury Law who can help you get the medical care you need and fight to get you the money you deserve for your injuries.

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