Toyota Waited Two Years To Announce Latest Recall

Toyota knew back in 2008 about the engine problem that prompted its latest Lexus recall. They even changed the spring part to correct it but did not think a recall was warranted until recently, a company official said today.

On Monday, Toyota Motor Corp. started a global recall due to engine defects in its several Lexus models sold around the world. 270,000 vehicles will be recalled to replace valve springs — crucial engine components that are flawed and could cause vehicles to stall.

In August 2008, Toyota changed the sping, making it thicker, to prevent the problem, according to spokesman Hideaki Homma. That is why this recall does not apply to vehicles produced after that time.

Toyota originally thought that it would only affect a few vehicles, but the complaints started pouring in. Still, it did not start a recall until this week.

Toyota should be ashamed of this behavior. After all the recalls they’ve made in the past year, they should know by now that they need to act quickly to protect consumers — innocent victims in Toyota’s attempts to save money.

Over the weekend I was contacted by a man whose fiancee’s 2005 Toyota accelerated as she was parking and caused her to drive through the front of the couple’s home. Toyota needs to acknowledge its mistakes and correct them as quickly as possible.

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