Tractor-Trailer Rolls Over on I-35; Luckily No One Injured

Earlier this week near Austin, a semi truck carrying engine blocks was struck while parked on the side of the road and rolled into the median, spilling the contents of the trailer onto the grassy median nearby. According to a report by the Austin-American Statesman, the truck was parked on the northbound side of the highway near the Stassney Lane exit when, shortly after 6 a.m., a pick-up truck ran into the back side of the semi.

The semi-truck rolled into the median after being hit by the pick-up and pinned the driver inside the cab. Emergency crews were eventually able to get the driver out without serious injury. The contents of the trailer ended up on the highway and on the median separating the highway and the frontage road.

The semi-truck driver had pulled off to the side of the highway to get some rest. An investigation into the cause of the accident is still underway.

Texas Semi-Truck Driver Resting Requirements
This accident illustrates an important part of the semi-truck driver’s job: resting. Often times, semi-truck drivers must drive enormous distances in one trip. So long, in fact, that it would be unsafe to do so without taking a break to rest every now and then.

The federal government actually requires that semi-truck drivers get a certain amount of rest according to how many hours they are on the road. There is also a requirement that restricts consecutive long-haul trips. The fact that the semi-truck was pulled off to the side of the road is a good indication that he took that mandate of the job seriously. However, there is still a question if pulling off to the side of I-95 was a wise decision.

Negligent Parking on the Side of the Highway
It is not necessarily illegal for a semi-truck to park on the side of the highway, even if it may not seem like a good idea. However, if a semi-truck driver does choose to park on the side of the highway, they must do so safely and be completely out of the way of any other traffic. While it is uncertain how the accident described above occurred, it very well could have been because the semi-truck drive did not pull far enough off the road.

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