Trucking Company Forced To Accept Liability

I was recently hired by a man involved in a terrible crash when a huge truck turned left in front of his smaller El Camino. As you can see from the photograph, the damage to both vehicles was enormous. Because of the age of the car, it only had lap belts and my client’s head smashed into the windshield. He could have been killed.

The insurance company for the trucking company tried to say that their driver had the right of way, but I took a statement from a witness, sent my investigator to the scene, and just as I was preparing to file a lawsuit, made the insurance company pay the claim.

My client received 10 stitches to a laceration in his forehead caused by broken glass. He is still receiving medical treatment due to his injuries and may require plastic surgery to repair the large scar on his forehead.

I anticipate a large settlement or verdict and will post more about this case when that happens.

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