What Do Venus, Video, And Vegetables Have In Common?

Yesterday the amazing Venus Williams blew away her opponent at the world famous Wimbledon tennis tournament. She’ll play for her sixth title onSaturday.

Venus, who at 37 is very old for an athlete, may make history by becoming the oldest woman ever to win Wimbledon. The previous record holder was our former Fort Worth resident Martina Navratilova who was also 37 when she reached the finals in 1994.

And the first American man to play in the semifinals since 2009, Sam Querrey, is playing now, so we have our strongest American showing in London in many years.

Venus’s Crash 

Venus has excelled despite just being sued when she was involved in a car wreck last month in Florida.

The tennis star was driving slowly through a light when her SUV was T-boned by a car driven by a 68-year-old woman who was seriously injured. Her 78-year-old husband tragically died several weeks later.

The family has filed a lawsuit against Venus for wrongful death and personal injury damages.

The accident report initially blamed Venus for running the light. But the police department now says it doesn’t know which driver was at fault. What made it reverse its position?

It was this video tape that showed her SUV passing the guard house of her gated community and entering the intersection (at the top in the distance) on a green light. The other driver T-boned her SUV.

The lawyers are downloading the black boxes, inspecting the vehicles, obtaining other evidence, and preparing for trial. Both claim their driver had the right of way. The actual impact is hard to see on the tape. But it bolsters Venus’s case.


This story emphasizes the importance of  locating evidence  when the drivers disagree on fault — which happens all the time.

In our techno-obsessed world, video cameras and cell phones are everywhere. To win his case, a personal injury lawyer first reviews the police report, photographs, measurements, and Google maps. He may need more evidence to rebut the other driver’s assertions and police investigator’s findings. Footage from red light cameras used by the Texas Department of Transportation and area businesses can make or break cases.

This case demonstrates why car crash cases often go to trial. The drivers involved in a crash have different sights and interpretations of what happened. An auto accident occurs quickly and without warning. One or all drivers may have lost consciousness, not remember key details, or not be on the scene after being rushed to the hospital by the time police arrive to sort things out. Determining fault can be difficult.


I love it when a major championship is on the line. I’m watching some of Wimbledon and the Tour de France either before or after work as I work up a sweat on my spin bike or zero gravity running machine or lift weights. I want to stay fit and healthy now that I’m 62, my 10 years of running marathons has taken its toll, and I need to be in top shape to fight for my clients.

The diets of Venus, Novak Djokovic, Serena Williams, Maria Sharapova, and Martina Navratalova are plant-based. Many high-achieving athletes’s diets are. I’m delighted that mine has also been vegan for the last seven years.

My wife goes to the farmers market to get these vegetables. But as you can see, our cat doesn’t seem interested. Most people aren’t. But our vegan diets are incredibly healthy and give us boundless energy.

Watch the new movie What the Health and others like Forks Over Knives and Sick, Fat, and Nearly Dead. You’ll learn how you can be less prone to illness and disease, kind to animals, and protect the environment. The diet is a winner!

Good luck to Sam and Venus!

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