18 Wheel Drivers WIth These Violations More Apt To Be In Future Ones: New Study

The fact that there is a strong relationship between a commercial truck driver’s poor driving and his chances of being in a future crash was itemized by a two year study conducted by the American Transportation Research Institute in Virginia.

ATRI examined different things that a poor driver does that greatly increase his chances of crashing into my client’s vehicles (like the one above).

What do you think that drivers’ #1 bad habit was? The failure to use a turn signal. This doubles the chances of another collision. Considering the wide turns that tractor-trailers have to make and size of the vehicles, it is shocking that the truck driver cannot engage his turn switch to alert other drivers of his intention.

I thought that that the worst driver behavior leading to crashes would have been tailgating or speeding.

Here are 11 more safety violations that predict future wrecks:

Past truck accidents (88 percent)

Improper passing violation (88 percent)

Improper turn conviction (84 percent)

Improper or erratic lane change (80 percent)

Improper lane/location (68 percent)

Failure to obey traffic sign (68 percent)

Speeding more than 15 mpg over speed limit (67 percent)

Any safety conviction (65 percent)

Reckless/careless/inattentive/negligent driving (64 percent)

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