Two Big Games On Tap Sunday and Monday – DFW DWI?

Safe Game Day Tailgating

The Oregon Ducks take on the Ohio State Buckeyes in Monday night’s first ever College Football Playoff National Championship in Arlington, Over 60,000 fans from around the U.S.are converging on the Dallas-Fort Worth area to watch the big game. They will create dangerous conditions for Texas residents drinking at the big pre-game tailgating event, during the game, and afterwards as they celebrate.

And of course, the Cowboys take on the Green Bay Packers Sunday afternoon in another huge game.

You can bet that hundreds of thousands of North Texas residents will be watching the big games in bars and in their houses – – presumably with a beer in hand. Obviously this can lead to DWI crashes. And to add to the increased danger on our DFW highways, there is a  chance of rain Saturday that could freeze that night and create icy roads.

Please be especially careful driving during the next four days.

Drinking Dangers at College Football Games

In a study of drinking habits at the University of Texas at Austin, researchers determined that students tend
to binge drink during high-profile football games in amounts comparable
to New Year’s Eve.

A study at the University of Toledo tested the blood alcohol
concentration of students at home football games and found 90 percent
had measurable alcohol in their blood, with an average BAC of .061
percent. University of Minnesota researches found that one in four
tailgating fans consumed five or more alcoholic drinks during the
pregame activities.

Pennsylvania State University researches found that parents play a unique role in tailgating behavior. The 27 percent of mothers and 48
percent of fathers engaged in heavy episodic drinking (HED) at college
football games surely influence the conduct of their children. In fact,
42 percent of students reported that their parents participated in
tailgating activities, including 38 percent who drank and 21 percent who became intoxicated during the pregame ritual.

Tips for Tailgating Safely

You can still enjoy tailgating before a football game while doing so safely. Nothing will ruin a good time more than getting injured,
causing a drunk driving accident or being arrested for a DUI. If you are hosting a tailgating event, consider these tips for avoiding alcohol-related injuries and DUI accidents:

  • Never serve alcohol to guests who are under age 21. It is illegal and puts your young guests at risk.
  • Bring plenty of water and other non-alcoholic beverages.
  • Provide ample food so those who are drinking are not doing so on an empty stomach.
  • Before beginning festivities, appoint designated drivers who agree to not imbibe.
  • Have the number and payment for a taxi on-hand as a backup plan.
  • Respect your guests’ choice not to drink alcohol; never push anyone to drink.
  • If you are a parent, although you may feel like your children
    frequently ignore you, they are actually paying close attention to what
    you do and are influenced by your actions — don’t drink and drive.

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