Two Crashes, Two Dead, Many Hurt in Fort Worth and Dallas

Several horrible crashes in the Metroplex that never should have happened.

This is what Trinity Boulevard in Hurst looked like Friday evening after a driver drove his van . down the wrong side of the street and hit a black SUV head on. The driver of a silver car that crashed into the back of the SUV. The van came to a rest on its side and caught on fire.

A passenger in the SUV was tragically killed.Two people were critically injured, a third person is in serious condition, and others were treated at Harris Methodist Hospital downtown. Police have not yet released the results of toxicology testing on the van driver or announced whether they will file criminal charges.

Dwayne Anders drove on to the scene just after the crash happened. “It’s scary,” he said. “It could’ve been me.” He added: “I don’t know how you can go the wrong way unless you’re impaired or texting, or just not paying attention.” Anders said that he drives that route every day and that people drive much too fast. “It looks like a NASCAR race out here.”

And speaking of speeding, another fatality was caused by a driver going too fast on a rainy day the other day on Royal Lane in North Dallas. The driver of a 1998 Ford Escort lost control due to wet roads, jumped the curb, flew through the air, and slammed into a tree. A 19-year-old woman was partially ejected and the car finally came to a stop on top of her. What a terrible tragedy.

Since it’s been been pouring today (finally!), here are some tips to keep you safe on the wet roads:

1. Slow down. In a downpour, driving the speed limit is too fast. Most people fail to calculate that their brakes will not work well and that they may hydroplane. Use your brakes earlier and with less force.

2. Keep a safe distance behind the vehicle in front of you. Rear enders on wet streets are rampant.

3. Use your headlights.

4. Be extra alert for pedestrians, motorcyclists, and cyclists.

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