Two Killed When Struck from Behind by Tractor Trailer

Earlier this month, a tragic accident took the lives of two passengers traveling in a van on Farm to Market Road 917. According to a report by the Crowley Star, the van was heading south on Farm to Market Road 917 at around 7:30 in the evening, preparing to make a left turn into a parking lot when it was struck from behind by a tractor trailer. Police have released a statement that the cause of the accident was the truck driver’s failure to control his speed.

The trucking company, 3-Star Daylighting, was apparently involved in another fatal accident last year in Fort Worth that claimed the life of a 14-year-old student at H.F. Stevens Middle School. In that accident, the student was struck by the truck and was not found until several minutes later, after the truck had left the scene. For months police looked for the driver of the truck to no avail until a witnesses video recording provided investigators with the clues they needed to identify the driver.

Once police spoke with the driver, they were convinced that he did not know that he had hit the child, and therefore did not flee intentionally.

Dangerous Truck Accidents in Fort Worth

As you can see, truck accidents occur with some regularity in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. Most often, the truck drivers have no choice but to stop and acknowledge responsibility for their actions; however, on occasion, truck drivers flee the scene intentionally.

Regardless of whether the truck driver stays at the scene of the accident or flees, civil liability may be imposed on the truck driver and trucking company if the truck driver was at fault for the accident. If the driver flees the scene, it may make the case for punitive damages higher. Such conduct may also go to the negligence or recklessness of the truck driver, which is also an element that must be satisfied by a Texas truck accident victim before recovering in a civil case.

Speeding on Texas Roads

The cause of many Fort Worth truck accidents is officially listed as speeding. With the wide and open nature of many Texas roads, driving in excess of the posted speed limit is a temptation many truck drivers cannot refuse. Especially because many of them are paid on a per mile basis, and end up making more money per day the faster they drive.

Have You Been Injured in a Fort Worth Truck Accident?

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I was hired last week to represent a man injured when he involved in a crash on Intereate 35 where an 18-wheeler driver rear ended the car behind my client causing that car to hit my client and force him into the cement median. Tragically, the driver of the car behind my client was killed in this horrific crash.

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