Unusual Fort Worth DWI Crash Resolved

Maximum insurance policies over $100,000 paid to man asleep in his house

Berenson Injury Law has resolved a crazy Fort Worth DWI crash case where our client got hit by this truck and flying bricks while he was lying in his bed. A drunk driver

  1. hit a sign,
  2. swerved to his left,
  3. jumped the median,
  4. swerved over two more lanes of traffic,
  5. drove across a yard, and
  6. crashed into our client’s bedroom.

The next day, our client went to the hospital where he was diagnosed with a fractured rib and other injuries. He could not work for several weeks. Fortunately, he has fully recovered.

We were able to obtain the DWI motorist’s liability policy amount of $100,000 and our client’s Personal Injury Protection benefits of $2,500. The net amount recovered so far by our client (after repayment of his medical bills – which we were able to reduce by over $20,000) is $51,000.  EDITED: Now up to $53,000 with a further reduction of bills.

This number will be higher when we collect additional money from his underinsured motorist policy. The man also obtained additional money from his homeowner’s policy.

Our client was very happy and very nicely wrote this five-star review on Google:

Excellent staff, they worked very hard on our case. We are so lucky to have them on our side. Mr. Berenson is the best attorney you can hire. I am very happy with results of my case. I will do recommend this attorney to anyone who needs an attorney who will fight for you. Thank you very much.

A serious injury caused by a Fort Worth DWI crash is common 

Fort Worth and drinking while driving unfortunately go hand in hand.

Drinking and Driving


Drunk driving in Texas is out of control. We are number one in fatalities caused by drunk drivers. 1,323 Texans sadly lost their lives in collisions last year. 

And the problem is not just here in the Lone Star State, as 10,265 Americans died in alcohol related crashes last year.

That’s ridiculous.

Mr. Berenson has represented many people after they have been crashed into by drunk drivers. The results from these sometimes high-speed wrecks can be horrifying.

He has settled other cases like this one, including another man hit in his apartment and for people eating in restaurants and shopping in stores.

These Fort Worth DWI car wrecks are preventable. At the very least, they should not happen as frequently. We need more deterrents like more

  • law enforcement officers
  • criminal laws
  • Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission staff to crack down on bars which over serve alcohol
  • civil lawsuits
  • money to support Mothers Against Drunk Driving

In this case, it is truly lucky that no other cars on the road were hit and that our client’s wife and children were not also hurt.

As crazy as the above crash was, consider how common drunk driving is here.

Did you hear about the guy who had been driving while intoxicated in Arlington the other night, stopped his car in the road, and was knocking on people’s doors — naked?

We need to do a better job getting out the message that you cannot drink and drive and get away with it.

We can help

If you have been injured in any vehicle collision, whether in your car, truck, or SUV, while riding your motorcycle or bicycle, or while walking, you should speak to a good personal injury lawyer.

They will explain what your legal rights are and how you can be paid back for your financial damages. The first meeting is free. The car accident lawyer only gets paid when you get paid.

Mr. Berenson has helped people who were hit in a DWI collision for almost 40 years. Please contact our law firm by calling 1-888-801-8585 or by clicking here.

We will do everything possible to get you paid the compensation you deserve.

For more information:

Drunk driving accident FAQs


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