Mexican Truck Talks Move Forward

A hotly disputed issue in the trucking industry could heavily affect my clients and every one driving on our Texas highways.

Mexican truck drivers entering the United States are currently limited to traveling only within a 20-mile to 25-mile radius of specific ports of entry. Then their goods are picked up by American truckers and transported throughout the U.S.

But, Mexico has claimed that this restriction violated the 1994 NAFTA trade agreement between the U.S. and Mexico.

Many who are opposed to allowing Mexican truckers to access American roadways say that trucking jobs in the United States would be lost and roadways will be made unsafe because of the differences in safety standards between the two countries.


The United States Department of Transportation has put forward a preliminary proposal that includes a requirement that Mexican Truckers who want to access Texas roadways will be required to have electronic recording devices to allow monitoring of the drivers’ hours of services and compliance with American trucking laws and drivers will also have their combined American and Mexican driving records checked to ensure that they have no history of unsafe driving that would disqualify them under American standards.

Supporters of this proposal state that allowing cross-border trucking would boost trade opportunities for the U.S. and create jobs her in Texas.

I think that the safety issues need to be addressed and proven before allowing these unsafe Mexican trucks onto our roadways. There is already an issue with American companies allowing unsafe trucks and drivers onto our roadways and to add the lower regulated Mexican trucks out there it would even more dangerous.

I am currently represent various clients who have been injured by 18 wheelers and other commercial vehicles, including some from Mexico.

If you are involved in an 18 wheeler accident please contact my office immediately so that I can fight to get you everything you deserve.

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