Car Wreck Settled For Maximum $100,001

Another difficult case successfully resolved.

Review written by client:

The woman was ecstatic with her results and kindly wrote this review on Google:

★ I walked into the office today telling every staff member I loved them and I truly meant it. It was such a blessing finding Bill Berensom and his team, amazing doesn’t begin to explain! They have truly changed my life.

As a single mom who works manually, loosing my mobility for months nearly devastated me. The bills kept racking up and to top it off, 2 other lawyers picked up my case just to withdraw later because they wanted an easy check.

Bill and his team really stepped up to bat and fought hard for me. They didn’t give up even when most lawyers would have. They kept me current with details and I felt like I wasn’t alone in my fight. Today I still have pain and good days and bad days, but my experience with Bill Berenson has made this experience a blessing.

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