Dallas Accident Caused By DART Van Ramming Stopped Cars!

A wheel chair assistance van driven by Willie Grant crashed into a line of cars on the Dallas North Tollway at the ramp onto I-35 almost two weeks ago. The driver never applied his brakes, as you can see in this video (click on the play button on the bottom left).

Yesterday Grant was terminated. How was he hired, who trained him, who supervised him, what took so long to end his employment, and how can we stop this mayhem from continuing to happen on our DFW roads?

Several people were seriously injured in the pileup. Jose Sepulveda, a father of two small children who was in the black Nissan, was rushed to the ICU at Parkland Hospital and has undergone surgeries to repair his broken hip, pelvic bone, ribs, and arm. It’s lucky he wasn’t killed — and that this didn’t happen to you or me.

How did this wreck happen? Why didn’t the van driver, whose vision is obviously not obstructed, also stop? What kind of drivers are being hired to operate these huge commercial vehicles? How many other collisions have they caused? I’d love to cross examine the company’s safety risk manager.

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