New Video Reviews From Clients

I am delighted that 100% of my clients are very happy with their results and would recommend me.

I just started asking clients to review me on tape a few days ago when they come in to pick up their checks from their verdicts or settlements. The first four are posted here. Before that, we were asking clients to complete questionnaires and some of those are posted here.

It has been another successful month here and I have already successfully resolved eight cases. But we have signed up nine new ones. Things are hopping here at Berenson Law!

“I was in a car accident five months ago, a side-swipe. The other company wasn’t going to pay me. I had to hire Mr. Berenson and he got the max from the other insurance company. He also went to bat for me with my insurance company and got the max there. I am so happy that I hired Mr. Berenson and I would highly recommend him to anyone.”

“My name is Gregory Pollock. I’m a tow truck driver. I was rear ended by and 18-wheeler. When the insurance company did not want to pay for my surgery, I hired Bill Berenson to aggressively pursue my case. I would recommend him to anyone.”

“My name is Vickie Grogan. I got in an auto accident in December. I hired Mr. Berenson. He did a wonderful job. He got me the maximum amount of money, and I was greatly satisfied with his services.”

“I was involved in an accident August the 31st of ’08. There was minor damage to the car, but I had severe pain. I went ahead and went on my honeymoon. When I got back, the insurance company didn’t want to pay and come to find out, I had to have five surgeries. Mr. Berenson went after the insurance companies after they said they wouldn’t pay. He got all he could get out of them (policy limits from three different policies). We were very pleased with his services and would recommend him to anyone.”

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