Warning: Click It Or Ticket From May 20 – June 2

Summer is almost here and many Texans will hit the road for the Memorial Day holiday. Our team at Berenson Law would like to wish everyone a great weekend.

Note that during this period, your chance of getting a ticket if you or your passengers are not seat- belted are much greater than usual. Last year, more than 21,000 seat belt citations were issued just during these 13 days.

As a reminder, all occupants of a vehicle including back seat passengers must wear a seat belt. Each unbuckled occupant faces a ticket and fines up to $200 plus court costs.

Children younger than eight years old must be in a child safety seat or booster seat unless they are taller than 4 feet 9 inches.

Traffic-related fatalities in Texas were up by 11 percent and caused an alarming 3,400 fatalities last year.

People won’t like paying the tickets but the campaign has been a big success and we support it. The campaign has saved nearly 3,700 American lives, prevented more than 50,000 injuries, and saved an estimated $10 billion in wages and productivity losses, medical expenses, insurance premiums, taxes and other costs.

If you are a victim of a Texas car or truck accident due to another’s carelessness, contact tthe Berenson Law Offices to schedule a free consultation. We’ll fight to get you the compensation you deserve.

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