Tarrant County Accidents are Decreasing — At Least in One City

We are busy representing a lot of people who have been hurt in crashes here in the DFW area — four new clients today –so I was surprised that in one city, North Richland Hills, the number of collisions is substantially down.

That’s certainly good news. Crashes cost Americans a whopping $40 billion a year, not to mention the thousands of fatalities and injuries.

In 2010 the number of motor vehicle accidents in NRH fell to 713, down 64% from 2007. Why? Because enforcement is up. According to police statistics, 27,067 tickets were issued last year, an increase from 19,878 in 2007.

Now I hate getting a ticket as much as the next guy, but a combination of increased surveillance and enforcement programs like the red-light camera program (which began there in 2007) isn’t really such a bad idea. NRH now has cameras at seven intersections on Rufe Snow Drive and Davis Boulevard, and the word seems to have spread that if you run a light, it will cost you.

I just finished a lawsuit for a very nice woman who was hurt when a negligent driver ran a red light and crashed into her. My client injured her neck and treated with a doctor. The adjuster initially offered only $2,000.00. After filing suit, researching the defendant and taking his deposition, I learned that he was a convicted felon who had been in three previous wrecks. I made his insurance company pay the maximum available under his insurance policy, which was $25,000.00 — and now $30,000.00 as of January 1st.

If you or a family member has been hurt because of another driver’s negligence, please call my office today at 817-885-8000. We are here to help get you the settlement you deserve.

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