Huge 18 Wheeler Crash Near Weatherford Results in Large Verdict

A jury found a trucking company grossly negligent last month in a 2011 crash on Interstate 30 that caused serious personal injuries to a woman from Mississippi.

Bobbie Bush, 41, was violently rear-ended outside of Weatherford by a tractor-trailer barrelling through a construction zone at 65 miles per hour. Her pick up truck was hit so hard that it flipped over. Ms. Bush apparently was rushed to the ICU where she spent days, had to undergo multiple surgeries and lengthy physical therapy, and is still injured. Further, her dogs were ejected from the truck and were killed, adding to her emotional trauma.

The truck driver had caused two previous rear-end collisions and was found to be grossly negligent. His employer, Greenwood Motor Lines Inc., doing business as R&L Carriers, was also found grossly negligent for failing to properly supervise and train its driver.

The jury awarded Ms. Bush $1.2 million for her past and future medical expenses, $1 million for past and future medical impairment and an additional $50,000 in punitive damages. The case, Bobbie Bush v. R&L Carriers, Inc., et al. was presided over by Judge Emily Tobolowsky in the 298th District Court of Dallas County.Congratulations to lead attorney Ronald McCallum, Kevin Haynes, and Carmen Mitchell for their excellent legal work.

Excessive speed is obviously one of the leading causes of commercial truck collisions. In this case, the speed limit is believed to have been lowered to 30 miles per hour. Traveling above that speed in prima facie evidence of negligence under the Texas Transportation Code. This diagram from the Texas Department of Transportation explains various speed limits and warnings:

The Law Offices of William K. Berenson has successfully handled a variety of rear-end tractor-trailer collision cases. Here’s a photo of one of our client’s vehicles after being crashed into.

We have successfully represented clients who were rear-ended by 18 wheelers stopped at a traffic light or waiting to turn and the truck driver refused to admit fault. We have also represented clients injured by large commercial vehicles in construction zones.

Road construction zones can present unexpected hazards, especially to speeding 18 wheeler drivers. However dangers can also come from other drivers who fail to exercise the legally required judgment, warning signs or the lack thereof, barriers, dividers, guardrails, uneven pavement, striping, overhead signs, absence of flag men, and from construction workers on the road. Our client is truly lucky she survived this crash when she was hit by an tractor-trailer in a construction zone on I-30.
We also represent injured workers and their families who are struck by motorists.

We are committed to helping the victims of accidents get all the medical care and compensation they need so they can rebuild their lives. Our law firm immediately investigates the collision, photographs the vehicles and takes measurements, and interviews the drivers and witnesses so that we can prove the negligence of the responsible parties.

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