How To — And How Not To — Hire A Good Injury Attorney

I am pleased that I just settled this car crash for favorable amounts of money for the father, mother and their two children. And I represented this very nice family several years ago when they were unfortunately crashed into by another vehicle and I appreciate the chance to be of service again. Thank you, Chris and Sara.

The best way to decide who to hire is word of mouth. If you are shopping around for the best Fort Worth personal injury attorney, please read over 200 positive client reviews here. Another way is to compare credentials and mine are listed here.

The absolute worst way is to be approached by a total stranger who is soliciting your business. Yesterday, I shuddered to read that the offices of eight Houston personal injury attorneys and two chiropractors were raided by the Harris County (Houston) District Attorney’s office. According to news stories, the lawyers, including a state representative, are accused of entering into an illegal scheme to pay “runners” to pay people to solicit those injured in auto collisions. And another leading attorney in San Antonio is being investigated for similar behavior. As if injury attorneys don’t already have a bad enough reputation.

In 2011, the Texas Trial Lawyers Assocation (on whose board I have served for the past five years) worked to enhance the criminal penalties for this crime. I am proud of the work TTLA did. It is illegal for attorneys or any one working for them to call or contact a person injured in a Texas motor vehicle collision for at least 30 days. After that period, only a letter may be written.

Unfortunately, I hear stories that this illegal ambulance chasing activity goes on here in the Dallas Fort Worth area on a daily basis. If you have been solicited by an attorney, doctor, or other person after you have been in an automobile or truck crash, I urge you to report this to the police.

Please contact me if you have any questions about your injury case. I can help get you the money you deserve!

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