Results From Successful Week


* Won an important court hearing that keeps out a police report that hurts my client’s case in an upcoming trial;

* Filed two new lawsuits;

* Taken three depositions in a major 18 wheel collision case;

* Negotiated favorable out of court settlements in four cases — two for the entire policy limits available;

* Disbursed settlements to five clients.

Of the three people I met today:

1. A young man my daughter’s age received the total insurance policy limits available to him in only 28 days from the date of his collision; I was pleased when he said my staff and I were “awesome;”

2. A woman who I have represented in three car wrecks now said that I “was a blessing to me and my family” and was thrilled with the large recovery I got her a lot of money, then made a doctor greatly reduce his huge outstanding balance to zero; and

3. A man who has moved to Dallas sent his sister — who I have represented in two crashes — to pick up his check; she said her brother was “very happy with everything you did to help him out.”

* Was hired to represent four new clients;

* Sent dinner to two clients who had just had surgery and were going home from the hospital (one can’t even lift a pan and has three girls to feed);

* Helped a client purchase a replacement vehicle;

*Loaned another $2,500 — interest free — to a client to get him out of jail on outstanding warrants;

* Hired a new employee to assist with new client intake, investigations, property damage, and other tasks;

* Ran four out of five days and lifted weights three nights, sometimes until 11:00 p.m,

and I’ve got a 20 mile training run first thing tomorrow morning to get ready for my next marathon in four weeks.

I will do whatever it takes to make sure that you receive the money you deserve.

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