How do you know if someone you want to hire will do a good job for you?

Probably the best way is by word of mouth — by asking people who have used him before if they were pleased, right? That’s what I do, and I bet you do too.

I just got these three unsolicited e-mails from clients and thought I would share them:

  • “Thank you, you are a great lawyer.” Donnie B. January 19, 2010
  • “That offer sounds good to me! Thank you so much for everything! I really do appreciate all your help!” Nicole W. January 17, 2010
  • “I was extremely pleased with how you handled my case and for how much money you got for me!” Kristi M. January 15, 2010

In addition, we send out a review for clients to complete at the conclusion of the case.

I am delighted that 100% of our clients answered YES to these questions:

  1. Were you satisfied with your results? YES
  2. Were you satisfied with your treatment by this office? YES
  3. Would you recommend this office to others? YES

Also, 100% of my clients said they were “very pleased” overall with my office (the highest rating they could give).

For other comments from my clients, please read the Testimonials page on my website
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