Wise County Accident Lawsuit Ends Well

I went to court today in Decatur to conclude a wreck that happened in Wise County two years ago when my client and her daughter swerved to avoid a high speed collision. This caused their Tahoe to roll over five times as it plunged down a ditch.

I had already forced the insurance company for the driver of the Taurus pictured below (who unfortunately died) to pay the full limits to my clients — even though the police cited my client for speeding and two eyewitnesses testified against her.

I also made a second insurance company pay a substantial amount of money to my client’s daughter. Her mother was pleased especially since I was able to get the judge to release a large part of those funds to her daughter before she turns the legally required age of 18.

If you have been injured in a automobile or truck collision in the Dallas Fort Worth area and want to hire the best lawyer for your case, please call or email me. I’ll fight to get you the money you and your family deserve.

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