Another Driver Shot In Terrifying Road Rage Episode in Houston

Shooter Still on the Loose

Kay Hafford was driving to work on I-45 at 7 a.m. on Friday when she honked at the driver of a sports utility vehicle who cut her off. This simple act triggered a frightening road rage incident that put the 28 year-old Hafford woman in the hospital with a gunshot wound to the head.

First responders rushed Ms. Hafford to Memorial Hermann Texas Trauma Institute, where surgeons removed several bullet fragments from the right side of her brain. Ms. Hafford (pictured here with her husband), a church singer, was stable enough to be released from the hospital on Sunday afternoon and, thankfully, is expected to make a full recovery. Police have asked the public for information about the road rage shooting.

Another Similar Shooting Happened In Houston A Few Months Ago

Harris County reserve deputy Kenneth Caplan was speeding down a Houston highway when he

cut off a woman. She honked at him, switched to the other lane and pulled in front of him. After the cat-and-mouse exchange, Caplan shot his victim, also in the had. She spent three days in the hospital and has eight staples in her head.  Caplan was arrested for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. He had been cited for an earlier road rage that injured a driver.

What Is Road Rage?

We see far too much aggressive driving, like cutting off other vehicles, tailgating, speeding, running lights and signs, and immature behavior on our North Texas roads.

What To Do in a Road Rage Confrontation

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) suggests that if confronted with a road rage incident you:

  • Get out of the angry driver’s way — Slow down, switch lanes or exit, if safe to do so
  • Do not challenge her or him, no matter who was at fault
  • Avoid eye contact and ignore hostile gestures
  • Do not engage via returned gestures, angry words or aggressive driving
  • Report the incident to police, noting license plate number, vehicular description and, if possible, location and direction of travel
  • If the aggressive driver is in a crash, stop at a safe distance and call authorities to report what you know
  • Never get out of your vehicle to confront an angry driver

CNN reported that 33 percent of people surveyed for an International Journal of Psychiatry in Medicine article reported road rage. However, as CNN points out, most road rage incidents don’t amount to much. Usually, after some shouting, cursing and hand gestures, the driver moves on.

But you never know. Over half of Texans are licensed to carry a gun or know someone who does.

Get the Help You Need After a Road Rage-Related Injury

Angry drivers are a menace on the road. They cause accidents with their distracting and reckless driving and, in the most terrifying cases, may brandish a weapon. Berenson Law Firm can help you recover if you have been injured by an aggressive driver. Call our Dallas-Fort Worth injury firm at 817.885.8000 or 1-888-801-8585 for a free case evaluation.

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